March 25, 2011

Aloha 2010

The Trimming Clan takes a trip to Maui.

Grandma Tutu and the keiki (kids)
Isaac dropping into the 9' pool

Baby Octopus

Mikey's Luau @ Lahainaluna HS

Whale Watching

Who else, besides Isaac, would touch a dead squid?

You'd think these boys were "special"!

Pig Hunting with Uncle Lloyd

You are supposed to focus on the octopus, not the bellies & man-boobs

Lea having fun in the sand

January 15, 2010

Balloon Festival

This was our first time going to the Balloon Festival at Antelope Island.
It was really worth it too! We had a blast!

Lea even had fun sitting in the stroller!

Don't they look like they're having fun?
Even just standing in line can be fun!

A band was playing and the kids thought it would be great
to dance around in the big clearing!
What dance moves they had!
All fun and games until Isaac stepped on a red ant hill.
He was over it all at that point!

The hair whip!

8th Birthday Party

Janessa's Grandma planned a surprise birthday breakfast with some of Janessa's best friends! Grandma picked them up at their houses and then they came over to get Janessa and take her to breakfast! She was sooooo excited! We went to the Cracker Barrell and the food was fantastic! Thanks Grandma for such a great idea!

This is my day, my baptism day!

No words are necessary...she is gorgeous!


I am bored out of my mind right now! It's a Friday night and there must be more to life than watching tv! I was about to go to bed (at 8:30) when I realized I should do something worth while. I have slacked tremendously on this blog thing. I really lost interest for a while and who knows maybe I will post all of 2009 then come back in 2011 and post for 2010. Did that make sense? My brain is tv mush!
So here goes....the following will be in complete random order and make no sense at all but the pictures will be fun! Keep your arms and legs inside and enjoy the ride!

He always asks me if he looks 11 years old...well doesn't he?
This is my Isaac! Sweet and Dirty!

This picture has an interesting story...and moral! Never take three kids to the Las Vegas strip with one stroller at 10:00 pm. We were exhausted! We parked at Treasure Island, Isaac fell asleep at the Mirage, we walked clear to the Bellagio with him in arms. Janessa's legs were hurting. We did the smartest thing ever! We hopped in a taxi and paid $10 to go 2 blocks back to the car! It was the best money I have ever spent on the strip!

Auntie Karen's pool, in Vegas, freezing cold!
They forgot to turn the heater on! I guess it was April.

Scary chipmunk?

Janessa sunbathing!

Johnny and Lea enjoying the sunshine!

Lea, earning her beads!

Isaac at preschool graduation with his "girlfriend" and love of
his life, Presley (not to mention the 3 other girls in the class).
I hope he looks back at this picture and realizes you probably don't
want to be that goofy around the chicks you like. What a goof!
This was Lea's first attempt at a smile...funny!

Crazy horns!

1st Birthday!
Why did I get a chocolate cake, I guess it showed up better for pictures!